Draped Bust Quarter Eagle Mintages

Mintage levels for the Draped Bust Quarter Eagle remained extremely low for the entire series. The absolute low of 427 pieces was recorded for 1797, while the high of 6,812 pieces was reached in 1807. There were no coins released carrying the dates of 1799, 1800, or 1803. Every issue of the Draped Bust Quarter Eagle series had an extremely low mintage, ranging from just 427 pieces in 1797 to 6,812 pieces in 1807.

The mintage figures for these early United States gold coins are determined based on the imprecise mint and delivery records with various assumptions made regarding the particular dies used. By studying the die varieties and comparing these to the warrants for deliveries, somewhat reliable estimates have now been printed in literature. However, none of these have ever been confirmed, and they will always be estimates. As such, to determine the rarity of any given early quarter eagle, auction appearances and the estimated number of pieces known will be the most important factors to rely on.

1796, No Stars on Obverse963
1796, Stars on Obverse432
1806/4, 8 Stars Left, 5  Right1,126
1806/5, 7 Stars Left, 6 Right480